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Assalamu Alaikom

Ramadan Mubarek to all.

I would like to know where can I buy egyptian caak, petifour for the eid?  I am wanting to purchase about 4 kilo of caak and 3 kilo of petifour but cannot find anyone who sells them which is such a shame as there is NOTHING like egyptian biscuits out there in the market.  Can someone help?

My contact number is 0405598163



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I was crowd sourcing to get information about this and Manal gave me some info:

These are the comments (phones, address and come prices) I have in my notes about someone from bankestown, I remember she said she is doing Egyptian Kaak and betifour as well:

66 northam av bankestown near bankestown hospital
$6 per feteer
$20 per kilo mombar, vine leaves, rice kofta and kebba (both frozen)
$350 lamb with rice and nuts

I hope that helps!!!


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Salam Manal,

Thankyou for the information above, but both the phone numbers are incorrect.  Is there anyone else?



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We are looking into this inshallah and hopefully someone can come back to us on this.


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