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Suggestions for Events and Activities

Any suggestions coming from the community on events and activities

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... a snow trip!?

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Great idea - I'm in! lollll

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Haha you know what we could do? collect info from everyone's suggestion here and make an opinion poll every quarter or month or so to see what people would prefer!!

So after the snow trip we can work on this :)


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How about a karoke night?  Both in egyptian and english!

I would love to attend this one, lol.

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The activities that are going to perform in an event depend on what type of event it is. Well, saying honestly anyone can give you suggestions regarding events and activities, in fact you can plan a party by your own but if you want to make the event successful and eye catchy then you want to make something different. If it's a small event then you can handle by own but if it is something professional or a bigger one then I think you need not take any risk. Hiring an event organizer is the best solution.

Event Promotion Entertainment Boston. They will manage the party accurately and within your budget.


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